Rental Air Compressors

Wistar Equipment maintains a large fleet of diesel compressors from 60 cfm to 1800 cfm, with pressures up to 500 psi, and electric compressors from 5 hp to 500 hp. We also carry a complete line of air treatment equipment and accessories - everything you need for a complete air system.

Need air? We're there!



Diesel, 60 CFM to 1800 CFM

We maintain a large rental fleet of diesel drive air compressors from 60 to 1800 cfm, with pressures up to 500 psi. From sprinkler system blowouts, to large refinery air and plant turnarounds, we have the compressors you need to get the job done. Diesel fuel or emissions a problem? Ask about our fleet of rental electric compressors. We also have a massive inventory of air treatment equipment, hose, manifolds, etc., ready for immediate deployment - at any time!




Electric, 5HP to 400HP

We maintain a very large rental fleet of quiet, dependable, and energy efficient electric drive air compressors in all sizes up to 400 HP.  They can be deployed and delivered by us 24/7!  All preventive maintenance is included, and our rates are for unlimited usage of the equipment.  For a hassle free compressor rental, contact us!





Compressor Accessories

Wistar Equipment maintains an extensive inventory of aftercoolers, air dryers, receivers, air hoses, air manifolds, etc to cater to any air compressor application.


Air Hose
Our warehouse contains many thousands of feet of air hose up to 3" I.D., all coupled and ready to go! And "Whip Check" safety cables are included with all hose rentals at no charge.



Air Manifolds
We have a large inventory of custom Air Manifolds with multiple inlet and outlet configurations up to 24 valves. Plant turnarounds are a us for more information!




Wistar has dryers available from 260cfm up to 3000cfm. Each rental dryer includes an air-cooled after cooler with a pneumatic fan motor, a bulk moisture separator, a high efficiency coalescing (oil-removing) filter, condensate drain, heatless regenerative dryer, and a particulate after-filter. All components are packaged on a compact fork-lift skid.